The God-breathed Book

For all of our efforts as Christian apologists, we are limited in our effectiveness.  It is not our responsibility to change the wills of others, but to present the case for Christianity not only in our reasons, but more importantly in our lives.  Ultimately, God reveals Himself by His Spirit.  We pray that God would work through us to reveal Himself.  The point of my blog is to point people to God Who then reveals Himself.  In doing this, I have followed the teachings of the Bible itself which tells us that God reveals Himself through creation (Job 38-41; Psalm 8; 19:1-6;104; Romans 1:19, 20) to which I then pointed describing the amazing aspects of the natural world around us that can best be explained by the existence of God.  More recently, I have looked at the Bible itself as evidence of the existence of God.

The Bible claims in thousands of places that it records the very words of God.  It claims to be given by the very breath of God (II Timothy 3:16) through holy men (II Peter 1:20, 21) so that God’s words were in their tongues (II Samuel 23:1, 2).  That the human writers of Scripture believed is demonstrated in the integrity of their writing and lives and their willingness to suffer and die for their message.  These claims are not empty but, as I have demonstrated, are backed up by many strong evidences

No other book can provide the evidence that can be observed in the Bible.  The Bible is amazingly coherent especially in light of its being composed by around forty human authors over a fifteen-hundred-year span and yet unified in theme and arguably containing no provable contradictions (cf. my posts “The Coherence of the Bible” and “All Those Contradictions”).   The Bible is also amazingly accurate describing human nature, geographical place-names and historic events and customs containing no proven errors (cf. my posts “Human Nature Accurately Revealed,” “Historical Accuracy” and “All Those Errors”).  The Bible is even accurate in areas of science not only demonstrating amazing accuracy, but even more amazingly, it makes statements of scientific truth that was unknown in the ancient world except for in the Bible (cf. my post “Scientific Statements”).  The Bible also makes many prophecies that have been amazingly and accurately fulfilled having a 100% fulfillment rate (cf. my post “Fulfilled Prophecy”).   The Bible also has a unique message in a way contrary to human nature and so powerful it has changed human history in a way no other book has ever done, a message that still changes lives and has helped millions in all cultures world-wide (cf. my posts “A Unique Message” and “The Power of the Bible”). 

One has to explain these characteristics using abductive logic.  What would best explain all of these traits?  Given the possibility of God’s existence, I would argue that the idea that there is a God who is revealing Himself through the Bible more logically explains these characteristics than any naturalistic explanation.  Intellectually, the main reason why anyone would fail to be persuaded by these evidences is their worldview.  Only a question-begging adherence to naturalism would deny the great validity of these evidences to logically conclude that God exists and reveals Himself through the Bible.

As I write this post, I am helping to care for my mother-in-law as she is in the process of dying.  It has been a long and difficult process.  Yet the message of hope and comfort found in the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit given through this living book has sustained us in a way no work of man could ever.   I have claimed its promises and found them kept, I have relied on its wisdom and found it reliable, I have clung to its hope and found it most comforting.  The Bible has never disappointed me.  I would challenge any skeptic to actually read and study the Bible itself with an open mind considering these evidences willing to honestly investigate the possibility of God’s existence as revealed through the Bible and the Bible as His revelation given in love for us.

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2 thoughts on “The God-breathed Book

  1. Prayers for your Mother in Law. I just recently had the same experience with my Father in Law


  2. Beth Carmichael April 2, 2019 — 5:08 pm

    Sounds like you’re coming to the conclusion of this blog. Good ending. Nearly breath taking. It’s so exciting how powerful God’s Word is.


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