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My previous posts have shown that the Bible is amazingly accurate in describing human nature and human history.  But what about science?  Some of the strongest attacks on the Bible are based on supposed science.  In fact, I think that some of the strongest evidence for the divine nature of the Bible is found in its statements that have to do with scientific information.  The Bible contains scientific truths that were not known by anyone in the culture in which it was written.  One should ask concerning the source of this information.  How did these human authors know these truths?

There are a number of examples of these statements documented in many books on apologetics, technical commentaries, and on-line media.  David Rives Ministries has a series and a book entitled The Bible Know Best and Living Waters Ministries has a video entitled Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible both of which documents scientific truths which were not known at the time the Bible was written and yet are found in the Bible.  There are other sources as well, some of which stretch biblical statements some; however, there are plenty of undoubted examples that can be given.

I certainly cannot give every example there is, but there are a number of very interesting examples I would like to share.  For instance, there are great cosmological truths such as the repeated statement that the heavens were spread out (Job 9:8; Psalm 104:2; Isaiah 40:22; 42:5 etc.) describing the expansion of space-time that was only discovered scientifically in the last century.  Furthermore, the Bible states that the stars are without number (Jeremiah 33:22) even though ancient astronomers thought they had a countable number and sometimes even thought they knew what that number was.  The Bible also stated that the earth was spherical (Isaiah 40:22) (I know some think this refers to a flat disk but the Hebrew word usually refers to three dimensions) and hangs on nothing (Job 26:7) neither of which was known in the ancient world. 

The Bible also makes some amazing statements concerning physics stating both the first (Genesis 2:1) and Second (Psalm 102:25, 26; Isaiah 51:6) laws of thermodynamics and declaring that the material world was made of unseen things (Hebrews 11:3).  The Bible also tells us that light moves (Job 38:19, 20). None of these concepts were known at the time they were written in the Bible.

Furthermore, the Bible makes some amazing statements concerning the earth itself describing, for instance, the water cycle (Ecclesiastes 1:7), the circular pattern of winds (Ecclesiastes 1:6), and the fact that air has weight (Job 28:25).  Matthew Maury, called the father of modern oceanography, was guided by the Bible’s statement that there are paths in the sea (Psalm 8:8) to discover the existence of ocean currents.  The Bible also tells us that there are springs in the deep ocean (Job 38:6), another relatively recent scientific discovery.

There are also a number of medical truths found in the Bible and no where else in the ancient world.  For many years, doctors followed the doctrine of humors and so bled patients suffering from certain conditions; yet the Bible clearly stated that the life is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11) a fact recognized by every transfusion given today.  The Bible also pointed out the need to wash in running water (Leviticus 15:1) and quarantine individuals with certain diseases (Leviticus 13:26).  These commands, along with statements concerning not eating the meat of animals killed by other animals (Exodus 22:18) and the procedures dealing with items contaminated by the carcasses of animals (Leviticus 11:34-39) presume germ theory, a truth not known until Louis Pasteur discovered it.

For me, these statements constitute one of the most powerful arguments for the divine origin of the Bible.  It is not merely that the Bible makes these accurate statements, but that the Bible did so at a time when there is no evidence that anyone else knew these things.  If the Bible is the result of the writing ancient humans whose intelligence is often derided by modern skeptics, how did they obtain the knowledge demonstrated by these statements?  On the other hand, we would expect the Bible to contain such statements if it were the product of God’s self-revelation.  Once again, the God’s revelation model demonstrates itself to be greatly superior to the naturalistic model in explaining the origin of the Bible. 

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  1. Very well stated. I thought of several other examples of Bible “science “while I was reading this.

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