Backing-up the Claims

There can be no doubt but that the Bible presents itself as being the very word of a very real God.  These claims are seriously made by many authors over fourteen hundred years and need to be seriously considered.  But are they correct?  There is clearly a great difference between making a claim and demonstrating the validity of that claim.  The Bible not only makes the claims of being the very words of God, but demonstrates that these claims are indeed accurate.

The Bible is certainly a unique book, actually a library of books written by over forty human authors from many cultures and walks of life over a fourteen hundred year period.  It also exhibits some very unusual characteristics.  Any theory of the Bible’s nature must account for these characteristics.  Either the Bible is merely the product of human endeavor contrary to the claims it makes, or it is really the product of God revealing Himself through holy men.  

The Bible backs its claims by demonstrating a number of characteristics that are best explained by the assumption of a God who is revealing himself through the Bible rather than the assumption that the Bible originated by merely human efforts.  The Bible, for instance, displays incredible unity containing  very few examples of what could be even considered contradictions especially considering the nature of its multiple human authorship over so many years.  The Bible also displays incredible accuracy repeatedly being confirmed by archaeology and science.  In fact, the Bible records scientific information that was unknown by any other culture at the time of writing.  The Bible also gives an unique message that cannot be explained by normal human thinking having no exact parallels in contemporary literature.  The Bible also makes amazing often very specific, prophecies.  Although other books and individuals have made accurate predictions, there is no other book that has made so many so accurate without any failures such as is found in the Bible.  However, perhaps the greatest display of the revelation of God in the Bible is found in its great living power.  Hebrews 4;12 tells us that the Bible is “quick (living), and powerful.”  This is demonstrated in the millions of changed lives and the tremendous effect of the Bible upon culture in world history.  No other book has influenced the world as much as the Bible.

A reasonable person needs to explain all these characteristics by merely human activity.  How did humans possess such scientific knowledge?  How did they make such amazing prophecies?  How did they so coordinate their message so completely over fourteen hundred years?  Now, the response could be that I have not supported the characteristics claimed with evidence, or that there are valid alternative explanations.  In future posts, Lord willing, I will discuss such objections going through each of these characteristics in more detail.  However, the question will always be which presupposition makes the most sense.  This, to be fair, must be asked without prejudice as I have repeatedly demonstrated that the possibility of God’s existence is a rational, defensible position.  Given, then, the very real possibility of God’s existence, does the existence of a God revealing Himself through the Bible present a more reasonable explanation of these characteristics than that these characteristics exist without God’s self-revelation?  It is then the work of the Holy Spirit to work in the heart and head of an honest seeker to reveal the truth of God’s existence through the Bible.

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4 thoughts on “Backing-up the Claims

  1. From sentence one to sentence two is already quite a shift.


    1. I covered that shift in my previous post dealing with the claims themselves.


  2. WIlliam this is a good post that summarizes your case. Looking forward to future posts breaking this down in answering objections to your points. I will be sharing this in our next round up!

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  3. Thank you very much. Please pray for me as I address each individual point


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