Information, Please

The Bible repeatedly tells us that God reveals Himself through His creation.  I have attempted to demonstrate how such things as the fine-tuning of the universe for life and the life processes themselves display design that reveals a Designer.  Common sense and the principle of irreducible complexity lead us to believe that such observed phenomena could only be produced by intelligence.  We have never observed such phenomena created by random processes, but we have observed such phenomena created by intelligent design.  Therefore, the God’s revelation model is the superior scientific model given even the possibility of God’s existence.

The cell processes we have seen are themselves not random, but are directed; directed by information found in the DNA of the cell.  This DNA displays what William Dembski has coined “complex specified information.”  This term refers to something not merely being complex, such as a pile of blocks spilled on the floor, or merely containing information, such as the repeated molecular structure found in a crystal;  but contains a message that can be understood and applied, such as a language.  Werner Gitt, former director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics, lists five levels of information all of which can be found in DNA (The Big Argument: Does God Exist?, pp. 54-56)  In fact, DNA is a language.  It consists of letters (the four bases) words (codons) and sentences (the genes themselves) including punctuation and gives a message that is then followed by the complicated processes I described in my last post.  It is a language we have learned to translate and read giving us tremendous information we use in a variety of ways.  Not only so, but more recent discoveries have opened the field of epigenetics showing that there is another whole layer of complex specified information that is involved in a “conversation” with the DNA to make adjustments responding to environmental factors.

Once again, the question must be raised as to which model best explains what we actually observe.  Ancient clay tablets bearing a pattern of impressions were found to be the writing of Sumer.  The Rosetta Stone helped open the understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics which consist of a pattern of pictures.  We know that such patterns which are also seen the base sequences of DNA are the product of intelligence.  Language does not form through the working of random forces.  We have never observed random processes ever produce anything close to the information in DNA.  There is no known chemical process that would cause the bases in DNA to align in a way to exhibit this kind of information.  We have never been able to develop such an information system responding to environmental factors such as seen in every living cell.  Dr. Werner Gitt,  argues that the kind of information found in DNA cannot be produced by a material source and is a powerful argument for the existence of God (“Design by Information,” The Big Argument: Does God Exist).  Independently,  Dr. Francis Collins, one of the world’s leading geneticists and former head of the Human Genome Project, discerned that the information found in DNA could best be explained by the existence of God and so wrote a book, The Language of God, giving his reasoning for that conclusion.  One can either have faith in the idea that complex specified information can arise from physical sources even though it has never been seen and is contrary to what we know concerning how chemistry works, or have faith that the information found in DNA is the result of intelligence in accordance to what we commonly observe.

Not only is the information found in life a powerful argument in itself, but also raises the question as to its origin.  Indeed, life processes and the information that guides them points to the question of how life itself originated.  My next post, Lord willing, will explore that very question.

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